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cuts first enacted by president george w. bush are set to expire in january. >>> harsher penalties for drunken drivers could be coming to the district. the washington examiner reports mayor vince gray introduced a bill that would impose tougher sentences that include mandatory jail time for those that are twice the legal limit. the d.c. council has yet to schedule a hearing to discuss the proposal and the council begins a two-month recess at the end of the week. >>> are you having trouble getting online this morning? it may be because of malaware infecting your computer. thousands across the country had the internet shut down after midnight. the fbi did it after trying to take down hacker's servers last year. at the time they realized if they turned them off all the victims would lose internet access. the feds created a safety net that was switched off last night. >>> it is a monday morning. coming up, another face off between republicans and democrats over disappointing job numbers. we will take a closer look after the break. >> i'm sorry for what happened, sir. >> it is i who owe
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1